Bridging Culture Gaps

Unlocking the Power Within for Purposeful Engagements with a Diverse World

Butler Communications LLC


Butler Communications provides cross-cultural communication consulting services, training and team-building for culturally-diverse groups and internationally active businesses.

In addition to applying organizational development and change management principles to improve internal and external communication practices in corporate settings, the client-tailored services also cover personal development and leadership coaching to support executives and emerging leaders facing leadership challenges.


Cultural Awareness Seminars * Virtual Team Development Workshops * Leadership Coaching * International Assignment Support for Managers and their Families * Corporate Culture Assessment and Development * Partnership/ M&A Cultural Compatibility Assessment + Integration Management * Individual Leadership Coaching


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Friderike Annette Butler
Intercultural Consultant and Leadership Coach

Butler Communications LLC
602 Spring Street SE
22180 - US Vienna, VA

Phone: +1-703-599-9079

Wiesbaden Mainz

Intercultural Consultant and Leadership Coach Friderike Annette Butler

Intercultural Consultant and Leadership Coach Friderike Annette Butler 
Riederbergstrasse 69 
95195 Wiesbaden 
Intercultural Communications Consultant and Leadership Coach 



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