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The specialists of ITConXept make your world bigger - and easier especially

Of course, things like telephone, mobile devices, Internet, email and mailbox are simple tools in an ordinary working day.

But what about your company with telephone-, video- and web conferencing, with offerings such as automated attendant or premium rate services? Not to mention the varied opportunities through the use of modern telecommunications infrastructure to save significant budget throughout the year?


Analysis and optimization of existing structures - a technical audit

At the beginning we want to know how effective or maybe inefficient the existing communications infrastructure works. As a sort of initial ignition, please contact us directly and we will send you a 6-questions checklist.

Special Offers

- Internal voice and data communications

- Virtual conferences over the net

- Make it easier for your customers!Premium rate service numbers and services

- Quality assurance and tendering support

- Everything to do with Call Center & Costomer care


- IP Telephony
- Mobile Computing
- IPad
- IP Centrex

Wolfgang H. Hellmanzik

IT ConXept GmbH
Falkensteinstr. 23a
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Wolfgang H. Hellmanzik

Wolfgang H. Hellmanzik 
82205 Gilching 
Sen. Recruitment- & Management Consultant 


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